Keeping dogs indoors is becoming more and more common in Japan. Basically, dogs are allowed to move around freely in the house so that they can live comfortably.

However, as many owners who keep their dogs indoors surely know, it's also important to fence off or train your furbaby not to enter areas that could put them in any danger. With the possibility of harmful food like chocolate, garlic, or onion, hot food, or liquids, not to mention the occasional knife, or other heavy tool falling from the counter, the kitchen is usually one of them.

The owner of Twitter account @mofusenna lives with their golden retriever Senna. He's 11-months old but he has already been trained not to enter the kitchen.

Still, with so many delicious smells wafting from the kitchen, the temptation to enter is great.

Feeling peckish, Senna approached the kitchen one day with a plan to see if he could break in...

Take a look at these videos!

First video: "The kitchen is off-limits, but now he's figured out a way to enter by pretending he dropped a toy and needs to pick it up..."

Second video: "Instead of picking up the toy, he's gradually making his way into the kitchen."

Senna's strategy was to pretend that he had no choice but to come and get the ball because it was in the kitchen!

After dropping the ball in the kitchen, he leaves the kitchen once and then tries to enter with a nonchalant expression, as if he was just looking for the ball.

Still, it's very cute that he understands that he's not allowed to enter the kitchen, and is approaching with trepidation!

These videos immediately became a hot topic on Twitter. The first video has over 86,000 likes at the time of writing. Moreover, they elicited many comments, such as:

  • "He's so smart! And cute!"
  • "The way he drops the ball and then moves away from it, that's quite an act!"
  • "You can almost forgive him for that..."

Of course, the kitchen is dangerous, so Senna's owner sent him away soon after. However, he came back the next day with the same strategy, feigning ignorance even though he knows what he's doing.

"Today, he tried the same strategy as yesterday. | Owner: "You're doing that on purpose, aren't you?" | Senna: "Wow. Much question."

Reproduced with permission from @mofusenna

Golden Retrievers are known as one of the smartest breeds of dogs. Their high learning ability sometimes surprises their owners, who may underestimate them.

Maybe Senna will come up with an even more sophisticated strategy next time...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.