The long-established Japanese cough drop brand AsadaAme 浅田飴 announced the release of a new limited-quantity kawaii-retro design tin for their AsadaAme Sugar Coat R cough drops (浅田飴糖衣R asada ame tōi āru) this autumn.

The new AsadaAme Sugar Coat R (Akadama Ringo) Limited Edition contains around 30 drops in an adorable tin and has been on sale nationwide since the beginning of November.

The illustrator of the retro tin is Yusuke Nakamura, a Japanese illustrator who is also well-known on social media platforms.

AsadaAme first launched their products around 1887 and ever since, have become a brand known and loved by many generations.

They specialize in herbal medicine and also use traditional sugar coating when making their products.


The Asadaame Sugar Coat line first launched last year, in September, and is a product perfect for this season as it is beneficial for your throat.

I find it similar to a cough drop or a throat candy, so I often have it ready in my bag and take it during the cold season to prevent getting a sore throat. 

The price of the new limited-edition AsadaAme Sugar Coat R Limited Edition 2022 is 660 yen (30 tablets; tax included) and is one of the cutest I’ve seen so far.


As it's a tin, you can reuse it when you’re out of drops and fill it with candy, throat losanges, even accessories!

Furthermore, between November 1, 2021 (Monday) - November 30, 2021 (Tuesday) and December 1, 2021 (Wednesday) - December 31, 2021 (Friday), you can also participate in the AsadaAme Sugar Coat Campaign. 

Around 100 people who purchase the Asadaame Sugar Coat series and sign up for the campaign have a chance to win a signed Yusuke Nakamura PLAY CD Jacket (Complete Works 2002-2021). You can sign up for the campaign on the AsadaAme Official Campaign Page.

The products are also available at Loft stores nationwide, Maruzen Junkudo Bookstores, and at the health goods section of other various stores in Japan.

For more information, you can check the AsadaAme Official Website.

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