Premium Bandai has a reputation for being the place to get some of the most popular and eccentric Pokemon goods, including gigantic Snorlax pillow-cuddle buddy hybrids that barely fit in your room, as well as huggable Eevee arm rests. Now they've released a set of functional Poké Balls that store mints and candies. Even when not being used to freshen up your breath or scratch a sugar craving, the beautifully crafted set serve as fine replicas of the popular series' iconic emblem.

Similar Poké Ball storage replicas have been released in the past, sometimes as arcade game prizes, but the latest versions sport a very impressive aesthetic. The shiny lineup also covers just about any variation of the Pokemon-capturing balls you can think of from the series. The 11-ball set comes packaged with three mini-bags of "tablets" (mint candies), but you can always supply your own provided they fit. The neatest feature of the Poké Ball storage capsules is that they also come equipped with clips to fasten onto your belt, making you prepared to catch a fresh breath in Poke Master style whenever you want.

Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball

Quick Ball, Dusk Ball, Timer Ball

Heal Ball, Dive Ball

Luxury Ball, Premier Ball

Premium Bandai currently has the set available for order for 7,020 yen ($64.27) on their Japanese site, although you can use their international proxy service guide to help, or see if they become available on other Bandai hobby sites in the future.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.