Matcha lovers know that there’s no reason to only restrict yourself to green tea beverages. There’s a whole world of matcha flavoured food out there too, including all kinds of matcha desserts.

One may think that the richest matcha desserts can only be found in upmarket cafes and teahouses, but 7-Eleven in Japan have collaborated with historic tea specialists Itohkyuemon to bring this type of luxury to local convenience stores. They claim that through their collaboration, they have discovered the ‘golden ratio’ of matcha to sweet, and achieved a perfect balance in their creations.

The lineup includes three sweet treats, all containing copious amounts of green tea powder sourced from Uji in Kyoto. Uji is an area particularly known for high quality matcha production. The first is a ‘Tea Dango Uji Matcha Parfait’, filled with various components brimming with green tea goodness. It contains Uji matcha jelly, Uji matcha mousse, and dango with matcha powder kneaded into the dough.

The next dessert is more western-inspired, a soft and fluffy matcha chiffon cake.

Lastly there’s some melt-in-the-mouth matcha ‘nama choco’. This is a type of chocolate which has been mixed with cream, giving it a similar texture to truffle or ganache. White chocolate has been used for this version, because it is known for going well with matcha.

These morsels are currently being sold in 7-Eleven branches all over Japan (excluding Okinawa).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.