With endless months of staying at home and declarations of state of emergencies, it's fair to say that the food industry has for sure suffered from the drastic side effects caused by COVID-19 and all of its variants.

As we approach the two year mark since this whole fiasco started, it’s becoming easier to predict what the future may hold as new norms start to take the place of the old.

In a post-corona world, we will most likely still be practicing self-restraint on unnecessary travel to some degree, which means that when we actually do choose to go out, that decision will need to provide us with great reason and value.

It is this idea that has prompted restaurant corporation EIRIN to develop new food menus for their restaurants that allow their customers to experience and enjoy food more.

One of the company’s eateries, Indian Curry Dining Cobara-Hetta, has seen a complete switch up of it’s menu and is now offering the ‘Naan-wich’ – a mashup dish that merges together naan bread and the concept of a sandwich.

The ingenious dish was developed as a way to make it easier for individuals to experience Indian cuisine without the need to dine in the restaurant itself. Flipping common sense on its head, Indian Curry Dining Cobara-Hetta’s Naan-wich enables consumers to enjoy tastes of Indian curry whilst on the go.

Sandwiched inside the store’s proudly handmade and freshly baked naan bread is a selection of salad-based ingredients and traditional Indian-food-inspired fillings. Bringing it all together is a helping of Chutney and Raita, which are both indispensable parts of Indian cuisine.

Knowing that everyone has a preference when it comes down to flavour, the store has a variety of five different fillings to choose from;

(*Tax Included)
Tandoori chicken Naan-wich – ¥ 880
Crispy fried chicken Naan-wich – ¥ 990
Seasonal vegetable tempura Naan-wich – ¥ 880
Coconut shrimp Naan-wich – ¥ 1,100
Chick bean croquette Naan-wich – ¥ 1,100

Indian Curry Dining Cobara-Hetta and their Naan-wich concept can be found at Kanagawa’s Third Avenue Food Market.

Indian Curry Dining Cobara-Hetta Kosugi Third Avenue
Address: 3-600, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Third Avenue Food Market
Business Hours: 11:00 – 23:00

By - Connie Sceaphierde.