If gyoza taco and okonomiyaki hot dogs were too ambitious a combination for you, why not keep things simple with a Gyoza Pizza Sandwich? Because starting February 16th at Family Mart convenience stores around Japan, you'll be able to!

First things first--if you are perplexed by the "Pizza Sand" title, do not worry--this product does not contain any of the coarse and grainy beach material that Anakin Skywalker loathes. "Sand" is the unfortunate romanization many Japanese companies use for "sando" (サンド), which is short for "sandwich" (サンドイッチ).

The product is a new inclusion in Family Mart's lineup of microwavable sandwich (or sand, if you prefer) wraps that are essentially soft tortilla Hot Pockets, and a collaboration with popular gyoza chain Osaka Ohsho. The Gyoza Pizza Sandwich is said to be a reproduction of the chain's dumplings (the wrap is stuffed with pork, cabbage, and chives) and to be like eating one giant gyoza.

Wraps will be sold at Family Mart convenience stores nation wide starting February 16th, priced at 270 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.