Shiba inu have some naturally adorable cheeks, which can often be quite stretchy and described as "mochi-like" in Japan. While they can be quite fun to play with, it's probably best to not bother your shiba too much (and instead opt for stress-relief shiba inu cheek toys).

In the winter, they might prove to be just a bit too irresistible to ignore, however. During the colder months, their cheeks can become much firmer and chunkier to the touch, as part of their winter coat of fur thickening.

Japanese shiba inu Komugi (@Shibamugi28) knows that feeling very well. Komugi's owners recently discovered that his winter coat, and somewhat stretchier cheeks had come in. More so than usual, they were able to play with them in a way that they held an entirely new shape, drawing comparisons to a frog.

Despite putting up with the antics for a while, you can hear Komugi squeal slightly at the end, as if asking to end the indignity of the situation. Of course, his owners immediately apologize, and with a face like this, how could you not?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.