Hololive, the popular Vtuber group, always has good news to make their fans happy, but here is more great news!

Starting on December 7th (JST), they are doing an amazing collaboration with Lawson*. Let’s check the details!

*Natural Lawson, Lawson Store100 and some Lawson stores are not included.

Quantity-limited Original Printed Plastic Folder Giveaway

If you buy three snacks which are part of the campaign, you can receive one of these original color print plastic folders! There are six variations: ときのそらSora Tokino, さくらみこMiko Sakura, 白上フブキFubuki Shirakami, 宝鐘マリンMarine Houshou, 雪花ラミィLamy Yukihana, 桃鈴ねねNene Momosuzu.

Each Lawson only has 30 folders, so this is first-come-first-serve. They will start giving them away at 7AM on December 7th.

Original Snacks & Drinks

This drink with the lovely bottle design is ホロライムソーダ hololime soda!

The bottles are really cute of course, but the name is also very clever!

The price is 168JPY (tax included) and it contains 500ml.

This is ホロのクッキーパーティー Holo no kukkī pātī (Holo’s cookie party)! These are sandwich cookies with chocolate cream filling. One random signed card is included in each package. There are six patterns in all.

The price is 633JPY (tax included).

This is Fit's BIGグミFittsu biggu gumi. The gummies are very popular in Japan for its unique texture. The gummies come in a mix of strawberry and honeydew flavors!

The price is 227JPY (tax included).

This is ホロライブマンチョコ Hololive-man choko. It’s only 108 JPY (tax included), but it contains a wafer chocolate sandwich and a sticker! You’ll get one of the stickers below.

Who do you think you’ll get?

If you want to enjoy the excitement of not knowing which one you’ll get, the following product could be the one for you! For both of these products, the item you’ll actually receive is entirely random!

ミニ色紙 mini shikishi (mini card) are 550 JPY each.

アクリルキーホルダー akuriru kī holdā (Acrylic keychain) are 660 JPY each.

Other nice goods

There are also several other nice products. There are two sets of four A4 color print plastic folders for 1,320 JPY (tax included) each.

It’s hard to pick just one set because all of the Hololive members are so attractive.

These acrylic stands are 150mm x 70mm and are 1,650 JPY each.

Pre-order goods from @Loppi and HMV&BOOKS online

You can order the following goods between 10 AM on December 7th and 11:30 PM on December 28th.

These A2 tapestries will be delivered starting from March 29th, 2022. They will cost 3,520 JPY (tax included) each.

These plushies will be delivered starting from June 7th, 2022. They will cost 2750 JPY each.

Limited-edition Ponta Card from @Loppi and HMV&BOOKS online

A limited-edition Ponta card will be issuable from @Loppi and HMV&BOOKS online. The calendar is a free gift for everyone who applies. Ponta is a point system run by a consortium of companies, most prominently Lawson. The Ponta card is required to collect and use Ponta points.

The card will be available for order between 10AM on December 7th and 11:30PM on December 28th. It will be delivered to customers starting from May 10th, 2022.

Quote retweet campaign

The campaign will last from December 6th to December 12th. During this period, if you follow the official Lawson Twitter account and quote retweet with the hashtag #ローソンホロライブ, you could be chosen as the lucky winner for a 10,000 yen Quo card.

More fun things ahead!

Fubuki Shirakami will also be featured in the in-store broadcast until December 7th. In addition, from December 7th to February 22nd, 2022 an original Momosuzu Nene sticker and promotional photos of some of the Hololive members will be purchasable between December 7th and February 21st, 2022 from Lawson Print (the photocopier in the corner of your local Lawson).

Let’s go and get your favorite Hololive members items at Lawson!


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By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).