Humans can show a range of reactions when faced with heavy snowfall, from glee to outright despondency, but animals can be just as unpredictable as people in the same situation.

Some pets will have a bad reaction to snow, while others love it, and some even seem to ignore it completely.

For this viral Shiba inu, it’s clear from the video taken by her owner that she’s in the snow fan club. She lives in Aomori prefecture, which is up north in Japan, so snow must be a regular sight for her during the winter months. Her name is even Yuki, a Japanese word which means snow.

While out on a walk in a fairly heavy snowstorm, Yuki shows just how much she loves her namesake by shoving her face right into the snow, which was over ten centimetres deep. She doesn’t seem to feel the cold at all, and looks totally comfortable in the winter wonderland.

The video was uploaded to Twitter by her owner, and it boasts over 44 thousand likes and 466 thousand views.

If you want to see more antics from Yuki the snow-loving shibe, check out her owner’s Twitter page which has plenty of photos and videos to enjoy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.