In January 2021, Japan underwent a severe cold wave nationwide, resulting in rare snowfall in the Kyushu region. There have been many posts about people enjoying their rare snow days.

Ai Hirayama ( a nail salon owner. She also enjoyed her snow days outside as well, making a snow man...or shall we say,a snow dog!

Take a look at her amazing work!

It looks just like a little Maltese dog after playing in the snow, doesn’t it?

The soft texture of the snow made the “coat” looks even more dog-like.

In fact, Ms.Hirayama had previousl made three snow dogs in 2018. Those eyes, though! How adorable are they?

There were many comments on the post; “Too adorable” “It looks so real” “A work of art!”

Snow days can be a drag with delayed transit systems, traffic on the road and slippery sidewalk especially in the regions that are not used to dealing with snow.

But there is always a way to enjoy it, too, like creating your own art work with snow! Give it a try, and you might as well enjoy the day!

By - Mugi.