On December 27th, 2021, Aniplex Co., Ltd. announced that the visual novel game Witch on the Holy Night, based on an original work by Kinoko Nasu and TYPE-MOON, will be adapted into an animated feature film, produced by ufotable.

The animation studio has adapted many of TYPE-MOON's works such as The Garden of the Sinners and Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel, and is currently producing the international megahit anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

A teaser image and a teaser promotional video for the film were also released.

Teaser image

Teaser promotional video

They have also launched an official website and an official Twitter account.

More details will be forthcoming, so check those links for updates!

About Witch on the Holy Night

Witch on the Holy Night is a visual novel PC game developed and published by TYPE-MOON, and released on April 12th, 2012.

The scenario is written by Kinoko Nasu, the creator of The Garden of the Sinners and the Fate series, and the graphics are created by Hirokazu Koyama, one of TYPE-MOON's veteran creators. The story of the highly acclaimed game is based on an unpublished novel written by Kinoko Nasu before the release of Tsukihime, and is set in the late 1980s, the earliest point in the TYPE-MOON timeline.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.