In Japan, there are countless collaborations between anime/manga and various goods. For example, we have previously introduced a Spy x Family Tamagotchi and a collaboration between an amusement park and Blue Lock, the popular football manga. However, this new collaboration is something no one expected!

Shockingly, Komi-san from Komi Can't Communicate (古見さんはコミュ症です。| komi-san wa komyushō desu) has become a hair care ambassador for one of Japan’s famous hair care product companies, YA-MAN Ltd.

YouTube project

Komi-san became their brand ambassador on September 6th, and the announcement was made in a video on the YA-MAN official Youtube channel!

In the video, Komi-san gets really nervous. Her voice and her hands are shaking and her ears turn red. However, her classmates are really supportive! It’s very heartwarming to see her classmates believe Komi-san and support her as she gives her speech. Please take a look!

Why Komi-san?

There are tons of anime characters with beautiful hair, but why did they choose Komi-san for their promotional ambassador? As you can tell from the title, Komi Can't Communicate, Komi-san isn’t good at talking.

According to the press release, they were impressed by Komi-san’s effort to change herself little by little, and so she was the best fit. They always want to support people who want to be more confident, want to like themselves more, and spend every day positively through their beauty products. They also said that they understand that Komi-san will be very nervous when she has to talk in front of many people as the ambassador, but they believe that Komi-san’s words will motivate many others like her. In addition to her efforts to change herself, Komi-san’s hair is also really beautiful and impressive. Ultimately Komi-san was chosen for both her inner beauty and her beautiful hair.

Twitter campaign

YA-MAN are also running Twitter campaigns where they will another an additional collaboration video if the number of retweets passes 330. Since it has already far surpassed that number, it's already confirmed! Currently, they are running the second phase of this campaign which will last from September 21st, 2022 to October 4th, 2022. The third phase will last from October 5th, 2022 to October 18th, 2022.

Let’s give Komi-san the support she needs by following and retweeting YA-MAN’s official Twitter account.

In October, they are also planning on releasing an exclusive online-only promotional collaboration video which will feature Komi-san using YA-MAN’s hair care products. The video will be supervised by オダトモヒト Oda Tomohito -sensei! This collaboration will be your only chance to see Komi-san applying hair care treatment at home, so make sure you don’t miss it. You can already get a preview at the online version of beauty magazine 美的 Biteki (click on Biteki's tweet below and follow the link):

By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).