On December 27th, 2021, McDonald's Japan Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the Umakara (Tasty and Spicy) Double-Thick Beef Burger 「旨辛 ダブル肉厚ビーフ」 and the Smoked Mayo Triple Bacon Thick Beef Burger 「燻製(くんせい)風マヨ トリプルベーコン肉厚ビーフ」, two new recruits joining their popular Samurai Mac team helmed by the Roasted Soy Sauce Double-Thick Beef Burger and the Roasted Soy Sauce Bacon Tomato Thick Beef Burger. The two new burgers will be available at McDonald's stores nationwide from January 5th, 2022.

Umakara Double-Thick Beef Burger

The hot and spicy Umakara Double-Thick Beef Burger will be the first new product to be introduced in 2022, and will surely appeal to spice lovers with fermented chili sauce and spicy cheese, and a hefty two layers of thick beef patties.

Smoked Mayo Triple Bacon Thick Beef Burger

The Smoked Mayo Triple Bacon Thick Beef Burger is an addictive combination of three strips of smoked bacon and a savory smoked mayo sauce.

A new version of the "Samurai Mac" TV commercial series starring actor Masato Sakai also started airing on December 27th with a message about samurais welcoming the New Year. In addition, a Twitter campaign will be held from January 1st.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.