As with their variety of exclusive burgers and desserts, McDonald's Japan's Chicken McNuggets also occasionally get limited edition sauces. In the past this has included wasabi and teriyaki mayo sauces, as well as as fancy pants holiday steak sauce and lobster mayo dipping sauces.

When McDonald's Japan offers their spicy chicken nuggets, they usually offer one super spicy sauce and cool down sauce just in case.

This year there will be no reprieve from spice, however! The already spicy chicken nuggets (made with chili pepper, garlic, and onion) will be accompanied by two dipping sauces: a mouth-numbing black mapo sauce and a hot jalapeno cheese sauce.

The black mapo sauce is based on the spicy sauce of mapo dofu, using Doubanjiang chili bean sauce, ginger, garlic and white onion to make an umami loaded sauce that packs an herbal spiciness to make your mouth numb.

The jalapeno cheese is a rich and creamy sauce said to accent the spice of the nuggets, but with the added kick of jalapeno peppers.

The spicy Chicken McNuggets and both hot dipping sauces will be available for a limited time at McDonald's in Japan starting June 17th.

By - Big Neko.