Cafe OHZAN, famous for its delicious croissants rusk, is now taking orders for the New Year-edition treats.

You can surprise your dear ones with sweet and colorful mini-gifts at the end of this year.

The theme of the limited-edition chocolate rusk packages is a mix of elegance and cuteness and features an essential element that will represent the year to come.

Cafe OHZAN has also delivered quality sweets made carefully by professionals with the finest ingredients. The jewel-like treats have a rich flavor given by the dough, made only with high-quality wheat and butter. Their sweets also have a deep taste thanks to the ingredients incorporated, including the chocolate used for coating.

The 2022 New Year-edition limited-rusk comes in two types: square cubes rusk and rusk sticks.

Both boxes include refined and full of color treats and have as center the tiger (虎 tora), which is the sign of the Japanese Zodiac representative for the year to follow.

The tiger rusk looks so cute, and the small tiger featured on it has a lovely expression that will instantly make you smile. The tiger rusk has around beautifully ornated rusk sweets decorated with plums, shimenawa ropes, and many other elements that remind you of Japan and the Japanese New Year.

The sweets have a soft yet crispy texture and a coating of Belgian chocolate. There is a good balance between the saltness of the rusk and the rich flavor of the chocolate, which makes them irresistible!

The package also has an elegant design and can be easily offered as a gift to someone.

Furthermore, this year’s luxurious New Year-edition rusk box also includes a unique flavor of chocolate of the traditional roasted soybean flour, kinako.

You can reserve the products online on the Official Store Page.

Please note that the products will be available for sale and delivery from the 23rd of December. Both packages are limited in quantity.


Cube Rusk 5 pieces New Year / Le Cube Rusk “NEWYEAR”

Price: 1,674 yen (tax included)
Order Here

Rusk Sticks New Year 5 pieces / 10 pieces / Le Stick Rusk “NEWYEAR”

Price: 5 pieces:1,458 yen (tax included) / 10 pieces: 2,700 yen (tax included)
Order Here

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