Japanese sweets and dairy maker Morinaga Milk Industry has quite the creative hit list of snacks and beverages, including pancake steamed buns, mochi cheese slices, and even mayonnaise ice cream bars. For their latest dairy trick, they're turning cone into carton with a drinkable soft serve ice cream.

Called "Soft Cream (what "soft serve" is called in Japan) wo Nomechaimashita" ("I drank soft serve"), Morinaga says the 450ml carton drinks capture the rich milk flavor of a serving of vanilla ice cream with a firm texture and sweetness. Given that it's supposed to recreate the feeling of pouring soft serve directly into your mouth, it sounds like this could be either a drink to satisfy your sweet tooth or a meal in itself (each carton is 310 calories). The carton's have recappable caps, as well.

The drinkable soft serve will be released throughout Japan (outside of Okinawa) starting April 21st, priced at 160 a carton.

By - Big Neko.