Japanese cat owner and Twitter user @totomaru_hanmi lives with his two sibling cats. He often shares photos covering their peaceful daily lives on Twitter.

Totomaru the big brother and Hanmi the baby sister were adopted by @totomaru_hanmi 2 months ago.

In hopes for the kittens to live comfortably in the new home, the owner bought a lovely cat bed for the two.

Take a look, it’s a miniature Cat Futon, stylized just like an actual futon set. The Japanese style design is quite charming. It also looks soft and comfortable, too!

Source: @totomaru_hanmi

But then, something, somewhat “expected” happened the day the futon arrived for the kittens…

Source: @totomaru_hanmi

The kittens are sleeping soundly all cuddled up… on the owner’s big bed.

It’s unfortunately a common occurrence for cats to refuse new items that owners buy them, as sad as that may be!

This Twitter post was shared among many people, and also gained some sympathetic agreement from other cat owners, too!

Unfortunately, in this case, the cat owner not only bought the new cat bed for nothing, but also lost his own bed to the cats…

By - Mugi.