We've seen some touching efforts from dads in Japan this year, whether it be turning a cardboard Nintendo Switch into an actual one or an anime artist turning his sons' doodles into professional quality illustrations. Takafumi Ozeki, one half of Japanese comedy duo The Geese, can add his name to that list. The father and comedian prepares artistic character bento lunch boxes for his daughter in Kindergarten based on her requests.

Adorable enough as that is, Ozeki recently got a very peculiar request from his daughter for her next bento. Instead of just asking him to make a specific character, she handed him a sketch of how she wanted her bento to look. Ozeki, perhaps confused on how to interpret her artistic appeal, or more likely flashing his sense of humor, made a bento exactly as his daughter had drawn in her doodle! The result was...interesting to say the least!

Source: Takafumi Ozeki

Source: Takafumi Ozeki

As you can see, the translation of the daughter's sketch is quite literal, and almost adds a Picasso-esque light to the original in retrospect. In the Twitter post, Ozeki remarks "My daughter in kindergarten said 'Make a bento like this!!' and handed me her drawing, so I made it just as she ordered. I'm glad she was so happy about it, but I'm worried that her teacher may think I have a dark side."

Of course, he's made many more bento in the past that wouldn't cause that kind of misunderstanding. Although we have a feeling his daughter will be doodling quite a bit more going forward. Here are some highlights over the past years of his creative character bento, and dedication to putting a smile on his children's faces!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.