Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s wild popularity has led to the spawn of countless merchandise drops and awesome character-inspired food. Fans with a sweet tooth need only check out a local convenience store or supermarket to find their favourite characters in snack form.

Of course, these items are usually limited time only, but if you’re lucky enough to go at the right time, you can find wonders such as Demon Slayer wagashi, Demon Slayer canned coffee or Demon Slayer tarts.

The Demon Slayer tarts have just returned to stores this month, and are appearing in supermarkets such as Aeon, Aeon Style, Max Value and Daiei.

The tarts have two layers, baked cheesecake and rare cheesecake mousse, and are bigger than previous releases, so each one features three characters. There’s three designs to choose from, and the character illustrations on top are on a plastic film rather than being part of the tart itself, so you can keep hold of it and collect them.

The theme of the images is ‘smiles’, so each character is portrayed as happy, or at least what happy might look like to that individual. The tarts are also big enough to share and spread the happiness around.

Each one costs 537 yen and can be found in the chilled dessert or dairy section of the supermarket. If you prefer more traditional Japanese sweets, Demon Slayer wagashi will go on sale from 11th January.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.