Many of those who follow pop culture news from Japan will be familiar with the life-sized Gundam, the first which actually moves, unveiled last year in the Gundam Factory Yokohama complex and reported on grape Japan. The life-sized mecha, known as RX-78F00, is based on the RX-78-2 piloted by Ray Amuro in the Gundam anime series.

The sight of this Gundam in motion is already impressive no matter how you view it, but as you can imagine, under the right weather and light conditions and in the hands of a talented photographer, the famous giant manned robot can appear even more impressive.

Case in point. Stunning new photos of the Gundam taken by the talented Japanese photographer Hiroki Tashiro, who goes by the pseudonym ひろカメラ Hiro Camera (@hiro_cameras), have gone viral, and it's not hard to see why.

Take a look at these dramatic images which he posted on his Twitter account:

Reproduced with permission from ひろカメラ Hiro Camera (@hiro_cameras)

"I was able to take dramatic shots of Gundam."

Captured together with the Gundam Dock-Tower and Yokohama's skyscrapers all in the same shot thanks to Tashiro's wide-angle lens, a kneeling Gundam seems to rise up as if to accept the challenge posed by the foreboding dark clouds. What a dramatic, inspiring image to give us courage in the face of the adversities we face, no matter what they may be.

You can almost hear Ray Amuro saying: "Don't mess with me!"

Tashiro also took another shot of the Gundam after it had risen up. Here it appears triumphant, ready to face any challenge!

Reproduced with permission from ひろカメラ Hiro Camera (@hiro_cameras)

"Here's another shot."

You'll find other amazing pictures of this Gundam, as well as many many other subjects on Hiro Camera's Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can also purchase his work here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.