Just a few months ago, Burger King Japan provided a vacation from self-conscious eating with their new Guilty Butter Burger series, which featured the Guilty Butter Beef Burger and Guilty Butter Chicken Burger. The name of the series and it's self-indulgent eating image comes from the fact that the burgers use special craft buns that have "soaked up butter" made using a process of slowly adding butter into the dough after the fermentation process has finished.

Since croquette burgers are a hot menu item in Japan during the winter, Burger King has decided now's the time to try one of their own, this time using their popular Guilty Butter buns. It's called the Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich.

The Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich's main filling is a "Special Butter Croquette" made with crispy breadcrumbs and stuffed generously with butter cream and potatoes. The croquette itself is topped with butter, pickles, fresh lettuce, and onion, then finished with mayonnaise and a special cheddar cheese sauce. Of course, served in between the butter soaked buns.

Burger King will be serving up the new croquette sandwich alongside the Guilty Butter Beef Burger and Guilty Butter Chicken Burger, starting January 7th in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.