Chicken Ramen and Choco Flakes: Two Long-Sellers from Nissin

In addition to selling Cup Noodles, Nissin has many brands under its umbrella, many of them long-selling products. Two of these classics are チキンラーメン Chicken Ramen, a noodle with chicken broth-based seasoning cooked into it which was the world's first instant ramen product when it came out in 1958...

...and チョコフレーク Choco Flakes, a classic chocolate-flavored corn flake snack that has been a favorite with kids of all ages since 1968. Although it has retained its same basic format, the recipe has been tweaked, most recently in 2021 with added calcium for nutritional value, 2.5 times more Ecuadorian cocoa in the chocolate and 33% more chocolate on the flakes.

One is a savory noodle meal, the other one is a sweet snack. They seem to have little in common with each other. However, perhaps inspired by the trend in recent years of combining chocolate with savory elements (think chocolate-dipped potato chips and chocolate with bacon bits in it), Nissin's subsidiary Nissin Cisco Co., Ltd. decided it was time to bring the two together!

Chicken Ramen Choco Flakes

On January 24th, they're officially launching "Chicken Ramen Choco Flakes"!

The new snack features crushed Chicken Ramen bits and chocolate-coated corn flakes, creating an addictive and sweet taste with two kinds of crunchy textures. According to their press release, through this collaboration, "Nissin Foods hopes to provide a new kind of deliciousness that has never been experienced before, as well as the kind of enjoyable, fun experience representative of the Nissin Foods Group."

Product information

  • Product name: チキンラーメンチョコフレーク "Chicken Ramen Chocolate Flakes"
  • Contents: 40g
  • Suggested retail price: 140 JPY (excluding tax)
  • Release date: January 24th, 2022
  • Area: Convenience stores nationwide (excluding some areas)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.