A very special announcement has been made for the 30th anniversary of the Sailor Moon series, which includes a first-of-its kind collaboration between two sets of iconic Japanese characters.

The anniversary project will feature not just Sailor Moon characters, but also various creations from Sanrio. This is the company behind classic characters such as Hello Kitty and My Melody.

As of yet, it hasn’t been announced exactly what this collaboration will entail, but there is a list of which characters will be paired up, and some adorable illustrations have also been revealed. Each design consists of a Sailor Senshi, as seen in the movie version of Sailor Moon Eternal (and a feline companion if they have one), plus one Sanrio character.

Naturally, the main character of Sailor Moon, Usagi, has been put with the arguable queen of Sanrio herself, Hello Kitty. In the illustration they are pictured wearing elements of each other’s outfits, such as Hello Kitty’s famous bow and Sailor Moon’s uniform. Luna, Sailor Moon's cat, also stars in the revealed visual.

Sailor Chibi Moon and My Melody make for a perfectly pink pair, and Diana the kitten accompanies them.

Sailor Mercury and Cinnamoroll make up another duo. Both wear Sailor Mercury’s usual blue uniform, and she even has Cinnamoroll’s ears and swirly tail as extra cute details.

Devilishly cute Kuromi has teamed up with Sailor Mars as they both give off cool girl vibes. Even so, they both work hard to achieve their dreams making for a passionate combo.

Sailor Jupiter is to be paired off with Marron Cream as they both enjoy cooking and gardening. The matching flower accessories and green uniform suit this twosome perfectly.

Lastly, Sailor Venus has been matched with Pompompurin. The collaboration design shows them both wearing each other’s trademark accessories such as Sailor Venus’s red bow and Pompompurin’s beret. Artemis the cat can also be spotted hanging out with them.

The various offerings to come out of this exciting collaboration will be released around summer this year.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.