After releasing exciting menu items such as the world's first Ice Whopper and French-fry loaded Guilty Burgers, Burger King Japan has secured quite the powerful promotional ally to be the poster girl for their latest offer. Burger King Japan will be teaming up with the esper child, Anya Forger of hit anime and manga SPY x FAMILY, and they're loading up the new trio of burgers with peanut butter, because Anya just loves peanuts!

The new collaborative "family" of three burgers are called the Peanut Butter Royale, and feature Royale and Bacon, Royale and Berry, and Royale and Chicken burgers, all of which use a special peanut butter sauce crafted to match Burger King's flame-grilled patties. The sauce is of course inspired by Anya's love of peanuts (she once bugged her parents to give her a life-time supply of them) in SPY x FAMILY. In addition, purchases of a set of any burger from the Peanut Butter Royale lineup will net customers one of two prizes: SPY x FAMILY aprons, and then stickers once the aprons run out.

Burger King hopes the sweet and savory sweet peanut butter sauce made with added sweetness from sugar and condensed milk, will mix in with the bolder flavors and richness from miso, cheese, sesame seeds, and other toppings like bacon.

Royale and Berry

The Royale and Berry serves up a flame-grilled 100% beef patty with sweet and sour berry sauce, peanut butter sauce, and creamy mayonnaise in what is essentially a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich take on a Whopper.

Royale and Bacon

The Royale and Bacon uses the same peanut butter sauce and mayo, but substitutes the berry sauce with crispy and smoky bacon that's said to give to mesh well with the creamy peanut butter sauce on top of a beef patty.

Royale and Chicken

The Royale and Chicken features both a flame-grilled beef patty and crispy chicken patty, and is topped with the peanut butter sauce, cheddar cheese, and mayo for a cheesy peanut butter twist.

SPY x FAMILY aprons

SPY x FAMILY stickers

There will also be "My Hot Milk Tea Pie" desserts available from October 21st to November 3rd. The crispy pie crust is filled with a fragrant black tea custard that's mixed with Earl Grey tea leaves, vanilla, and a hint of brandy.

The trio of Peanut Butter Royale burgers will go on sale at Burger Kings across Japan, available from October 21st to November 17th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.