Located in Nagano prefecture, the volcano Mt. Kirigamine is considered one of Japan's 100 great mountains. The mountain is a hotspot for hiking and taking in gorgeous scenic greenlands and blue skies during the summer and spring, particularly for photography. During the harsh winters of Nagano, though, it can be a challenging spot to bring your camera.

For impressive Japanese photographer AyuMi (@a_yumi0425), however, the trek proved more than worth it. AyuMi recently braved the elements in the area to snap a shot many on Twitter have said they thought was an ukiyo-e traditional Japanese woodblock print.

Source: @a_yumi0425

"The scenery of Nagano prefecture's Mt. Kirigamine after battling the cold and winning is the greatest."

The snowy landscape of the mountain area, particularly the forest, look as if they've been applied with a paintbrush. With a majestic and imposing snow-capped Mt. Fuji looming over it all against a beautiful orange sky, it's no wonder the shot has made many think of one of Japan's most iconic styles of art, with many commenting:

"This scenery looks just like a traditional Japanese painting, it almost brings me to tears."

"The composition and colors look like something only found in a painting, and it's so enchanting that it makes me sigh."

"I thought it was a work of ukiyo-e at first, but it's actually a photo. It makes me want to see it in person."

Those who'd like to see more awesome photography by AyuMi can follower on Twitter and Instagram, and perhaps book a trip to Mt. Kirigamine.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.