Japanese online retailer Felissimo's Neko-bu (Cat Club) features quite the exhaustive lineup of goods and accessories to make even the most fussy feline companions purr, including pet beds that let your cats curl up into fruit tarts and traditional Japanese desserts.

Felissimo seems to be taking a break from bedding (although let's face it, a cat will sleep anywhere) to focus on another necessity for kitties--scratching posts. After the success of their latest endeavor, a Buddhist statue scratching post that makes your cat even more of a household divinity than they already are, their next release looks to be a perfect match for lovers of cat and traditional Japanese art:

An ukiyo-e woodblock print claw post modeled after perhaps Japan's most famous work of art and prolific artist!

Ukiyo-e are the

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa is often hailed as the masterpiece woodblock print of the celebrated ukiyo-e woodblock print artist, Hokusai. Depicting a roaring wave and a majestic Mt.Fuji in the background, the iconic print is instantly recognizable and conveys both the grace and power of nature.

The composition of the original painting, with its dynamic overlapping waves, has been preserved, with the waves in the foreground serving as the main claw pad and layered so your cat can vigorously rub against it. Of course, in addition to sharpening your cat's claws, the restless waves can serve as an artistic resting spot for your cat as well.

As most cat lovers know, there's never a guarantee a kitty uses gifts the way you intended, and while we're confident they'd love to claw and scratch away at this masterpiece, it fortunately doubles as a nice decorative display.

The laminated cardboard is packed tightly, giving it a solid weight, and it also comes with an anti-slip sticker to be attached to the bottom, so your cat can enjoy clawing from this angle as much as they want.

The Masterpiece Art Cat Claw Post is currently available for order in Japan from Felissimo for 9,875 yen. Fans overseas can expect to see it appear in the near future on Felissimo's international order site as well.

As with all Neko-bu release, portion of each purchase is donated to efforts to protecting and finding homes for ownerless animals, preventing the overpopulation of stray cats, and protecting animals in times of disaster as part of the Wannyan Fun.

By - Big Neko.