Cats get an unfair reputation of being unfriendly pets, but anyone who’s ever had a cat will know that cats can form emotional attachments to humans. As proof of this, one Japanese Twitter user’s cat is showing her attachment in quite a humorous way.

The Twitter user’s cat, known as ミーさん Mī-san, is a 10-month old Scottish Fold that has her own Instagram and YouTube channel. Out of everyone in the family, Mī-san seems to have bonded the most with her 4th grader human, as evidenced by her owner’s Twitter post.

Reproduced with permission from ミーさん Mī-san (@UhJRkb57Yk7Sjbl)

Mī-san is seen snugly tucked away inside her favorite human’s school bag and looks ready to go to school with her just so they’ll be together. This unusual scene was retweeted by over 22,500 people, with dozens of amused comments such as, “So cute! I want to go to school like this!”, “Mī-san really loves your daughter!”, and “If I see this, at first I’ll be surprised, but this makes me feel happy.”

Mī-san’s choice of hiding spot is surprising indeed, but one thing that’s no surprise is she’s definitely a cat who loves her family.

By - Jen Laforteza.