A boy and his cat, Mao-chan, are the best of friends. They're always playing together, but this time there's something a little off.

"Is Mommy bothering him?!"

Actually, Mommy is only brushing the boy's teeth, but he doesn't seem to like it very much and is wailing something awful. Seeing this, Mao-chan says to Mommy:

"Stop it! Don't hurt him!"

All the while clawing and biting at her clothes and arms to get her to stop.

You're so kind, Mao-chan, but Mommy isn't doing anything to hurt the boy!

This video was released in 2008, now seven years ago. Now, here's another video of the boy all grown up, and Mao-chan. They look like they're still best friends, don't they?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.