For 25-year-old self-taught color pencil artist Aria (@aririria_art), the question of whether art imitates life or the reverse can have a bit of a blurred answer. The talented Japanese illustrator is a master at incredibly realistic images that look as if they can actually be picked up and held--like this stunning 100 yen coin or this slippery squid that seems to slide off the canvas.

Aria is once again turning heads on Twitter with another jaw-dropping illustration, this time what may be their masterpiece: an unbelievably lifelike catfish that looks to be swimming and serving right off the paper!

Aria drew this picture using a photo of an actual catfish as a reference, and it's hard to believe they didn't just drop it on the paper and take a picture of it. The catfish is recreated perfectly from every angle and detail, right down to its shiny, fresh body and the shadow under its whiskers.

Many on Twitter reacted with disbelief, so Aria posted a video to prove the catfish is indeed an illustration.

Aria drew the picture on a large piece of paper and then cut the top margin to make it look like the fins were sticking out.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.