There really does seem to be a capsule toy for everything in Japan these days, but maker Qualia has been on a roll with pushing the creative envelope, with their gacha or gashapon capsule toys of tempura reimagined as Japanese folklore demons as a recent example.

Now one of Qualia's new releases brings a bodybuilding touch to your dining table, with capsule toys modeled after bench pressing macho men that both hold your chopsticks and the lid of your instant noodles shut!

The capsule toys are a collaboration with Yoshinobu Saito, a bodybuilding enthusiast and illustrator. The toys, which come in 7 different colors, are shaped like a bodybuilder mid-bench press. The bench pressing bodybuilder's hands can be used to hold chopsticks like a weight bar, and also placed on top of the lid of your instant noodles to hold it shut while they cook.

The capsule toys come in seven different colors, some varying degrees of bodybuilding tans, as well as gold, silver, and a secret type as well. The "Too Macho Lid Stoppers" will be available at vending machines throughout Japan starting February 20th, for 200 yen a try.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.