Curious youngsters are often fascinated by buttons.

Whether it's the intercom, the elevator or any button that stands out, some kids can't help themselves. In Japan, there's one button that young kids love to push when they're traveling with their parents, and that's the button for passengers to alert the bus driver that they'd like to get off at the next stop. In a typical Japanese bus, these buttons are located on poles and sometimes on the back of seats, within easy reach of a curious child's wandering hands.

As you can imagine, if a child pushes the button as a prank without intending to get off, it's an inconvenience for the driver as well as the passengers who may be pressed for time. Other kids may simply wish they could press the button but deal with their urges. Even adults may occasionally entertain the idea.

You can push all you want

On September 12th, 2022, the 立川バス株式会社 Tachikawa Bus Co. announced it would install gacha machines on their buses. The content of the machine? The バスの降車ボタン2 (Get-off the bus button 2) manufactured by Toys Cabin Co.

In their press release, Tachikawa Bus says, "If you really want to press the get-off button but you're too shy to do so, this toy will make your dream come true. You can press the button every day, anytime you want!"

The combination of the novel idea of installing a gacha machine inside a bus and the product they chose to sell in it became a hot topic of conversation on the Internet, eliciting comments such as:

  • "This looks fun! I want to ride this bus!"
  • "The idea of putting it on the bus is interesting."
  • "I want to buy it, but it might be embarrassing to buy it in the bus..."

Of course, playing with toys on a moving bus can be dangerous. If you decide to buy one of these toys and play with it on the bus, please be aware of your surroundings.

If you'd like to check the bus lines to find out where you can ride the bus and buy one of these toys, visit the official website of Tachikawa Bus Co.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.