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(Interview Date: February 2022)

Q: Do you read online news often?

Yes, I read a lot on my smartphone.

Q: What are you particularly conscious about when playing the role of Ririko Seko?

I try to read the news from various fields to see what kind of articles are being circulated. From simple things like this, through to learning about the sorts of press interviews being held to compile articles.

Q: You talked about Ririko as being someone who could be expanded as a character. What was your impression of her when you read the script for the first time?

When I first read the script, it posed me to think about how I should play the role. Right now, I'm hoping to work together with the director and my co-stars as we go along.

Q: This drama is a completely original work, and it is described as a “social style” drama. What’s your impression of it?

Online news is something that everyone reads, but I think that people who catch the articles, myself included, often don't know if it is reliable. But I thought that it may be interesting to see the perspective of cutting into that. I hope that everyone who are watching the drama series and those who read online news frequently will also focus on these points too.

Q: Do you think that your impression of online news has changed by playing the role of a character who writes articles herself?

As for Ririko, the important part of her character is that she is sincere about what she writes and puts a lot of emphasis on telling the truth. I would also hope that such people are writing the articles out there. I hope that the viewers can feel the minds of the people who create the articles too.

Q: How was the atmosphere among the cast members during the script reading session before the start of filming?

They are all cast members I have worked with in the past. It is very reassuring, and I'm happy to be able to work with such a great team again. During the script reading, I felt that the actors and actresses were freely working with each character, and the atmosphere was very good.

Q: What about the positive aspects from the script reading itself?

The director suggested the general direction we should take at the beginning, so we have been further refining and adding new ideas from there onwards.

Q: You have played the role of an editorial staff and even a character with a writing profession before, but what did you think was particularly different this time?

Even though an editorial staff member, I think the job itself is different because the character deals with other specific areas. When I played the role of a manga editor, the job was to figure out how to sell the content and market them. This time, it's in the form of online news, and it's about covering the world of so-called “gossip.” In other words, putting out articles on rumors and stories that would attract people's interests.

Q: What are some of the highlights of Ririko's appearance?

The costume designer was very particular about the character’s clothes, and it’s very monochromatic. I hope that it’s depicted well on screen.

Q: What do you think is the appealing areas of Ririko?

Although she is not good at interacting with people, I think it is fascinating that she works with conviction in her pursuit of the truth. That's why she clashes with the people around her, but she is a character who can push forward with such conviction and a sense of responsibility.

Q: Do you think you have parts in common with the character?

I think I can relate to people a little better, so if you were to ask me if we are similar, I would say not so much (laughs).

Q: In times when there are no areas in common with the character, does it become tricky to create an image of the role you are going to play?

When I play a new character, I often start with the question, “what kind of person is she?” Since it is I who will be playing the role, there may be some similarities. I hope I’m doing my best portraying the role of Ririko.

Q: What kind of year was 2021 for you?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it made me wonder if time had stood still. Looking back, I have had the opportunity to work on dramas, movies, stage shows, and a variety of other works despite the challenging circumstances. For the stage production of “Wendy & Peter Pan,” we were able to finish all the scheduled performance as planned.

Q: How does it feel to be playing a leading role for this drama series from the start of 2022.

When people call me the “lead actress,” I get nervous even though I try not to think about it (laughs). I hope I’m doing what I need to do without getting too caught up with it.

Q: Is there anything that you try to keep in mind on set?

Well, maybe bringing in some nice things to eat for everyone (laughs)? I guess it's making sure that our filming environment feels comfortable, and we all stay healthy.

Q: Were there any scenes you were excited for?

Scenes with the medicinal herb cafe where Ririko often goes to. It is the only place where Ririko can really relax, so I could tell the difference in the way she is, compared to when she’s at the office.

Q: So, do you have an interest in herbs and medicinal fields?

I like medicinal herb hotpots. It is important to warm the body up, so I would like to incorporate such things if I could learn about them.


The Exclusive Interview with Haru Kuroki from Fuji Television’s Thursday night drama “GOSSIP - #What she wants to know.”
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