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Fuji Television Network, Inc.’s international department has started its new internet program in September. After a worldwide “Stay home, stay safe” track, people are getting accustomed to working at home, social distancing, and higher hygiene standards.

During these times, “Mind Blowing Tips! CRAZY JAPANESE LESSONS -A compulsory course for our global friends-”, an educational show to enjoy while staying at home, aims to introduce interesting facts about Japanese to the world.

Japanese is a difficult language to learn with its plethora of polite expressions, metaphors, words with double-meanings, differences in private and public speaking, etc. This one of a kind educational program will entertain and teach crazy Japanese expressions to global viewers including: words that change meanings with a single letter, weird names for things, and phrases that animals would make complaints about if they knew the meaning.

The program’s MC Nobuyuki Tsuchiya from Knights, one of Japan’s top traditional-style comic duos, and the show’s mascot Peruri will spice up each lesson. Renowned TV writer Mitsuru Kuramoto, aka the “Japanese language stalker,” is writing the show and is doing the voice of Peruri.

Enjoy Japan even more at home with learning the mysteries of the Japanese language. Have fun communicating with Japanese as you learn new phrases and make more friends when you visit Japan next time.

Program Overview:

  • Title: Mind Blowing Tips! CRAZY JAPANESE LESSONS - A compulsory course for our global friends –
  • Air Date: 5 a.m. (JST) on Sundays, from September 6, 2020
  • YouTube
  • Website
  • Official Facebook

"Mind Blowing Tips! CRAZY JAPANESE LESSONS -A compulsory course for our global friends-” A Japanese Language Course on YouTube for Global Viewers has started streaming
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By - grape Japan editorial staff.