As Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido gets its fair share of snowfall during the winter. While most residents are used to the extreme weather and can take precautions, some pets haven’t got the memo.

This hilarious photo shows the downside of frolicking outdoors after heavy snowfall. This poor dog is barely recognisable and looks like a whole new creature.

Source: @kuu_chan_0109

The owner of this miniature schnauzer snapped the impactful shot after the dog, called Kuu-chan, came back in after jumping in and out of piles of snow outside. She was in such high spirits that she didn’t notice each of her legs and whole undercarriage was getting coated in snow and ice.

Source: @kuu_chan_0109

This snow even formed into lots of ice balls frozen onto her long fur, giving her an especially weird appearance.

She looks like she could be a Pokemon.

Source: @kuu_chan_0109

This strange new ice creature is a sight to behold, so the photo garnered over 11 thousand likes on Twitter.

According to Kuu-chan’s owner, she went straight for a warm shower after this, so she was able to warm up right away.

If you want to see more of Kuu-chan’s fun Hokkaido antics, check out the owner’s Twitter profile!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.