Sometimes art can be so realistic you might have to fight the urge to reach out and touch it, such as this catfish painting that looks as if its ready to swim right off the paper and into water.

Japanese artist Kibori no Konno (@kibori_no_konno) has been getting that type of reaction in spades with their latest work, a raw egg. While its captivating realism is noteworthy, what really has many on Twitter surprised is what the egg is made out of to begin with.


"I tried making a raw egg out of wood. If you were surprised please retweet."

Kibori no Konno is a wood carving artist who frequently crafts intricate sculptures of food, many of which look good enough to pick up and use in the kitchen to cook in a meal. Their recently shared egg carving is no exception, with shiny ripples in its yolk convincing people it's an actual cracked egg.

The artist explains that they carved the egg from a single board, and used the grains to depict the transparent whites.

This isn't the first time Kibori no Konno has blown minds online with their super realistic wooden food crafts. They previously carved this amazing melting ice cube.

As well as a number of other amazing wooden food pieces!




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By - grape Japan editorial staff.