The long-legged grey heron enjoys a bit of an admired image in Japan, found sometimes gracefully perusing gardens, wading rivers, and has been depicted often in traditional art. So when photographer Shiitake (@wabi_sabi_moe) stumbled upon one, they were quick to pull out their camera.

However, what ended up being the main attraction of the photo on Twitter wasn't the heron itself, but how it seemed to be facing a rather mundane moral quandary with a dramatic stance:

Source: @wabi_sabi_moe

"A grey heron that's deciding whether to go to a soba restaurant or a beauty salon."

The photo won a round of applause on Twitter, with many commenting with their own possible hypothesis for the heron's apparent decisive process:

"It looks like they've been hesitant this whole time to try a new look, and now has decided to take the first step."

"It's like the heron is doublechecking the sign to make sure it's the right one they made a reservation at."

"Maybe they feel like having a fresh meal before trying on a new look."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.