From today, March 16th, 2022, souvenir sweets brand "Tokyo Banana World," operated by GrapeStone Inc., will start selling a panda-themed version of Tokyo Banana, the self-professed "most popular souvenir sweets in Japan," in special packaging. The banana-shaped sponge cake with a banana yogurt flavor will be available in two-pack bags at FamilyMart and Lawson convenience stores throughout Japan.

On January 12th, 2022, with much fanfare and nationwide media attention, baby panda twins Xiao Xiao and Lei Lei were revealed to the public at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo. To commemorate the occasion, Tokyo Banana World began selling a special version of the panda-themed Tokyo Banana Panda. The highly popular panda edition, which first went on sale when their mother Shin Shin gave birth to Xiang Xiang in 2017, has now sold a total of over 20 million units, eliciting comments from panda fans such as "so cute" and "too adorable to eat."

The fluffy sponge cakes with panda faces printed on them are stuffed with a smooth banana yogurt-flavored cream, and filled with wishes for "healthy growth and vitality." When you open the bag, the panda adorably stares back at you! How can you resist?

Each bag randomly contains Tokyo Banana Pandas in six different poses. Find your favorite panda!

The 2-pack bags come in three cute "panda twins" designs.

Tokyo Banana Panda supports the Giant Panda Conservation Fund established by the Tokyo Zoological Park Society to support both international panda conservation activities and domestic activities such as panda breeding at the Ueno Zoo.

Product Information

  • Name (Japanese): 東京ばな奈パンダ バナナヨーグルト味、「見ぃつけたっ」
  • Transliteration: tōkyō banana panda banana yōguruto aji mītsuketa
  • Translation (English): Tokyo Banana Panda banana yogurt flavor "Theere you are" (lit. "I found you")
  • Price: 270 JPY (incl. tax)
  • Official website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.