Cosplay can be challenging endeavor no matter what character you're trying to pull off, but recreating any of the epic suits from iconic anime Mobile Suit Gundam adds another layer off difficulty to it.

Japanese Gundam enthusiast and cosplayer Valkyrie (Twitter, Instagram) definitely cleared that bar of difficulty with their stunning masterpiece--an incredibly detailed RX-178 Gundam Mk-II (AEUG color) from Mobile Suit Z Gundam that has many convinced a Mobile Suit landed in their room!

Source: @PUNIVAL

The roughly 2-meter tall Gundam cosplay has been impressing online, with some even thinking it to be a giant plastic Gundam model. With detailed markings and a high level of craftsmanship, it really does appear as if the classic Mk-II was teleported right out of the anime and into the real world.

Valyrie showed off each individual piece, as well as interesting details such as the antenna portion actually being made out of chopsticks!

This isn't the first time Valkyrie has wowed with their awesome mecha cosplay. Just recently they displayed their work in front of blooming cherry blossoms for an awesome photoshoot.

You can follow Valkyrie on Twitter and Instagram for more amazing Gundam cosplay.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.