There’s official Pokemon merchandise for just about everything in Japan, and as many were surprised to find out, that even includes Pokemon wedding rings. So if you and your significant other are just as crazy about your favourite Pocket Monsters as you are about each other, Japanese jewellers U-Treasure have the perfect rings for you.

While previously they’ve released rings featuring Pikachu and Eevee, their latest announcement is a bit spookier than expected. The latest character to get this treatment is Gengar, the ghost Pokemon.

Despite his slightly spooky appearance, he’s definitely a fan favourite and a memorable creature from Pokemon’s first generation.

There’s a few designs to choose from with different precious metals and jewels incorporated into the rings.

One is a solitaire ring which means it has a single diamond as the centrepiece. A cheeky Gengar sits next to the stone, eyeing it up menacingly. The prices range from 37,400 to 110,000 yen depending on the metal. You can choose from platinum 950, K18 yellow, pink, or white gold, or silver with cubic zirconia.

The next design is a bit less flashy, as the Gengar is flat rather than sitting up, and the jewel is also set flat into the ring. There’s two stones to choose from, a clear diamond or an amethyst in reference to Gengar’s purple colour. The price ranges from 19,800 to 88,000 yen, and there’s platinum 950, K18 yellow, pink, or white gold, or silver on offer.

Both designs can be found on the U-Treasure online store and in the U-Treasure concept store in Ikebukuro.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.