Japanese theme park ‘Nijigen no Mori’ (or Awaji Island Anime Park) always has awesome attractions to enjoy based on popular anime and games. Last year they announced a ‘Dragon Quest Island’ event, complete with Slime-inspired hotel rooms.

Now for their latest collaboration they will be taking on the world of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, starting next month. This super popular anime follows a band of demon slayers as they fight their way through a fantasy version of Taisho era Japan, defeating enemies as they go.

There’s two events going on that take advantage of the abundant nature found on Awaji Island.

The first one is a night walk, since after all, demons only come out at night. The scenes are inspired by main character Tanjiro’s battle with Rui, the spider demon, which takes place on Natagumo Mountain. Visitors can take on the role of the Kakushi, attendants to the Demon Slayer Corps. While trekking across 1.2 km of forest, the awesome scenes of the anime are recreated through projection mapping.

If this sounds a bit too spooky, the other event takes place in the daytime. Fans can enjoy character panels with original illustrations, and solve puzzle games and scavenger hunts.

The park will also have merchanise and food on offer, featuring characters such as Tanjiro and Rengoku as motifs.

The collaboration will be running from 9th April to 30th September 2021 at Nijigen no Mori. Check out their website for more information about tickets and opening times.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.