As one of last year’s most popular anime series, Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer has become the basis for a horde of collaboration products in Japan that will surely delight anime fans, including Tamagotchis, hair wax and even underwear.

But apart from these, there’s also been plenty of edible items, perfect for chowing down on while marathoning anime. One example is Baby Star Ramen who have brought out Tanjiro’s favourite flavour with awesome character design packaging.

This latest snack is exclusive to Japanese convenience store Lawson, a pudding inspired by the story’s resident romantic, Zenitsu Agatsuma, with the custardy colour being a reference to his golden locks. The character himself also has a sweet tooth, making this dessert a fitting tribute.

It’s a simple but satisfying custard pudding which is considered a classic in Japan, made from milk and eggs.

The pudding also comes with a free sticker featuring Zenichi pulling off his thunder breathing technique.

The pudding is being sold, while stocks last, in Lawson 100 stores, a 100-yen shop version of the convenience store. But this demon-slaying treat costs a bit more than 100 yen, going for 160 yen instead.

By - Jess.