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How to get scolded when someone makes you cookies

Hanetsuki Gyoza, or "gyoza with wings", can be a particular favorite of gyoza fans. The pan-fried dumplings are joined by extra crispy joints that look like wings, and provide some more crunch with your gyoza.

So they aren't exactly easy to confuse with sweets. Pentabu (@pentabutabu) unfortunately made that very mistake, however, when evaluating some of his wife's cooking in the kitchen.

While cooking doesn't always go according to plan, apparently things went off the rails enough to confuse poor Pentabu:

Source: @pentabutabu

"My wife got excited and shouted "I'm going to make cookies!" Once everything was baked I looked into the oven and said "...hanetsuki gyoza?", and she got super angry at me.

That's quite the mistake that will get you yelled that! As wrong as he was though, we can't completely judge Pentabu's eye. The golden brown batches of cookies does indeed look like a clumped batch of crispy hanetsuki gyoza.

The episode received a lot of comments on Twitter, including from those with sympathetic similar stores:

They look so delicious...not feathers...but the cookies! I want to try them.

This happens all the time! This happens to me a lot when I make soft type cookies!

It looks crunchy and tasty! Even if they were dumplings, I bet they would be delicious.

I got the same result the other day! The kids were so excited when I said, "I made a big cookie!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.