Canned cocktails, and particularly chu-hai, are quite popular in Japan. Strong Zero, a fan favorite of chu-hai lovers, even has a version made to be paired with fried chicken.

Those who prefer their canned cocktails to embrace the whisky side of things no doubt aim for highballs, whisky and club soda concoctions, when perusing the aisles of a Japanese convenience store. The latest release by Suntory Spirits delivers on that with an extra punch of flavor, as it takes their popular canned Jim Beam Highball and loads it with a kick of Pink Grapefruit.

The new RTD (ready to drink) cocktail takes the classic flavor of Jim Beam bourbon, and adds the juicy aroma of pink grapefruit for a carbonated whisky drink to enjoy in late spring and summer, which is definitely a surprising citrus twist on Jim Beam.

The ALC.5% cans will be available throughout Japan beginning May 10th, priced at 160 yen for 350ml cans.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.