In 1972, sci fi anime “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman'' first aired on TV in Japan. The series’s blend of science fiction and superhero storylines is often cited as having a huge influence on the convention of five-member superhero teams seen going forward in anime, and particularly the tokusatsu genre.

Even after so many years, popularity for the iconic series hasn't faded thanks to ongoing entries in the series and support from fans.

To honor the beloved anime, beginning July 19th, the Shogakukan Shuei Production company will be releasing a special Gatchaman labeled whisky for purchase for limited raffle winners, sold on Japanese online retailer Whisky Mew, which has produced several popular anime-themed whiskies, including Berserk.

The whiskey itself is from the Ballindalloch castle region in Scotland; “Near Ballindalloch 2004”.

It is from a family owned distillery, and uses traditional distilling methods by using direct heat, and only a sherry barrel for aging process.

The label shows Gatchaman standing over with his majestic wing spread out, all ready to fight the evil organization, Galactor!

Purchase information:

WHISKEY MEW official website


Price: 18,700 yen (Tax included)

Aged for 16 years. Alc 50.9%. Single malt, made in Scotland.

Limited to 153 bottles to selected winners.

Reservation starts at noon, July 19th 2021.

By - Mugi.