Japanese Twitter user 晴 Haru (@akaaokiiro_), posted photos showing how she eats a combo from McDonald's Japan.

On this day, Haru purchased the "Chicken McNuggets® Happy Set" (Happy Meal) for her son. In addition to the nuggets and drink, she chose fries as a side.

She wanted her son to eat in the car, but with three items to manage, it was difficult for him to eat without a table.

However, Haru-san came up with an innovative solution: She gave the Happy Set to her son like this!

Here's her lifehack that has garnered over 190,000 likes at the time of writing:

"When I gave it to my son like this, he was able to eat the Happy Set. Was the hole in the box made for this!?"

Reproduced with permission from 晴 Haru (@akaaokiiro_)

In Japan and perhaps other countries as well, Chicken McNuggets® boxes have holes in the middle of the joint connecting the two halves.

A writer at our sister site Grape bought a Happy Set of his own to try it out:

Small fries fit perfectly in the lid:

Haru set the box on top of her son's drink with the straw passing through the hole and put the fries into the open lid. Her son was able to enjoy his meal without any difficulty, holding the drink between his legs.

Reproduced with permission from 晴 Haru (@akaaokiiro_)

If you decide to try this lifehack, you should note that the box may spin around a bit because it's not completely fixed. Also, it will make the box heavy, so some parental supervision might be needed.

You have to be a bit careful but it's a convenient way of eating in a car.

The lifehack elicited many comments, such as:

  • "This is an eye-opener! I'll try it next time!"
  • "Genius! I didn't know there was a hole in the box. That's good to know."
  • "I used to eat them this way! I recommend it for times like when you're eating at home and watching a movie!"
  • "I think my kids will love this. What a great idea!"

This lifehack also works in other situations when you don't have a table.

As we mentioned above, depending on the country you live in, Chicken McNuggets® boxes may or may not have a hole in them as they do in Japan, but if they do (or if it's relatively easy to make one), why not give it a try?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.