One of McDonald's Japan's most popular seasonal releases is the Chicken Tatsuta, a fried chicken sandwich served on soft, fluffy buns, highlighted by ginger and soy sauce flavored chicken patty. After debuting their first ever rice bun burgers last year, McDonald's quickly added a rice bun version of the chicken sandwich to their lineup.

Now McDonald's is bringing back the rice bun Chicken Tatsuta, as well as a new zesty lemon take on the fusion of seasoned rice and fried chicken.

The new release introduces the Rice Chicken Tatsuta Seto Inland Sea Lemon Tartar, which takes the ginger soy sauce flavored chicken of the original Chicken Tasuta, but blends its shredded cabbage with grated lemon from the Seto Inland Sea, which produces the most citrus in Japan. It's also topped with a serving of tartar sauce and put between two crispy rice buns flavored with soy sauce.

Of course original Rice Chicken Tatsuta is also available, and while it lacks the lemon zest and tartar sauce of the new variety, it has a creamy and spicy sauce.

Both burgers are exclusive to McDonald's "Yoru Mac" (Night Mac") menu which allows customers to double their patty amount for a small fee after 5:00 P.M., so enjoy the chicken and rice burgers as a nighttime snack starting January 27th until the end of February.

By - Big Neko.