A jangle of keys. Putting on a sweater. A hand on the door. Pet owners know quite well that a smallest sign of having to leave the house can send are more attached furry friends into a frenzy.

Japanese Twitter user @chipie0826, who lives with their two cats, Shippi and Okome, is clearly used to that--but was reasonably surprised at a recent interaction they had with Okome before heading out to work.

@chipie0826 shared a dramatic, manga-like breakdown of Okome's reaction to when they said "Okome, I'm heading off to work." The cat clearly had different ideas.

"Hey I've got to go to work."


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"I'm not...."

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It appears that @chipie0826 had been playing with Okome before leaving for work, which may be a routine to change going forward if they hope to not have to deal with the guilt of turning down such an adorable appeal. @chipie0826's ability to comically capture the clingy cat's response to the triggering phrase suggests this is a common practice--which has many on Twitter jealous of the two's relationship.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.