English learning, particularly in Japan, can be rather monotonous. The same could be said of Japanese, with textbook sample sentences really not doing much to motivate you with entertainment while learning. The truth is language learning in general usually has curbs your enthusiasm with an emphasis on effectively teaching the basics. Fortunately, a Japanese Twitter account is providing students of both English and Japanese with funny and bizarre sentences to learn with.

@yuumeijinbot is a Japanese Twitter account that routinely posts incredibly strange but often hilarious example sentences in both English and Japanese--although let's just say the English isn't totally correct. While the goal of the account is to have a laugh while studying English, it doubles as an opportunity to have some weird fun while learning Japanese provided you can read some kanji, or have mastered the art of copy and pasting characters you don't understand into a dictionary. Here are a few highlights.

On human anatomy.

On cooking.

On cause and effect.

On the innocence of youth.

On Japanese history.

Cultural differences, perhaps.

On different means of education.

On the necessity of medical treatment.

On asking for and rejecting a date.

How not to treat sumo wrestlers.

On meeting a new couple.

And on loneliness.

If you use these learn English, there's a chance you may end up sounding like a deep-thinking Borat, but if you're looking for a way to learn some interesting Japanese (and have means of dealing with the kanji) and tickle your funny bone at the same time, then @yuumeijinbot is more than worth a follow on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.