A popular bento box side dish for children (and just people who like to have fun with their food!) in Japan is the "tako wiener", or octopus wiener. The bento staple serves up tiny red wiener sausages cut slightly so that they resemble miniature octopuses.

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Typically, opening up your bento or coming to the dinner table to find that your parent has prepared you some adorable octopus wieners is a delight for children. Twitter user Chiru (@Chiru_0106) has seems to have stumbled upon one octopus sausage that might turn that delighter into pure terror, however.

Chiru says that they tried deep frying some octopus wieners after making them, but that they turned into a different creature entirely...

Source: @Chiru_0106

After being fried, the poor octopus wiener's eyes appear as if they were dug out, and the mouth is locked in a twisted Edvard Munch-like scream. What once was a gleeful octopus wiener is now a tendril-flailing and shrieking nightmare more similar to Cthulhu!

Needless to say, many on Twitter found the horrifying transformation amusing, although some admitted that their children would scream if they found it in their bento box.

While it may not be recommended for a kid's meal, Chiru admitted the ghoulish octopus wiener did, in fact, taste quite good.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.