The YouTube channel "Cats are Liquid (Mikan and Jiro-san's place)" shows a human's daily life with six cats.

With over 330,000 Twitter followers, they're popular outside of YouTube as well.

The main characters are Jiro, a British Shorthair, and his sisters and brothers.

In case you hadn't heard of the meme, cats are said to "take liquid form" because they love to occupy tight spaces. Their collar bones aren't connected by joints to other bones, their shoulders are only attached through muscles, and they have incredibly flexible spines. As a result, it can sometimes appear as if they've turned into a liquid fully occupying the space they entered. Of course, the effect is easiest to observe when the walls delimiting the space are transparent.

Jiro's brothers and sisters really looked like liquids one day when their human happened to put clear buckets on the kitchen counter near the sink. Sure enough, they couldn't resist the opportunity to enter them.

They melted!

Tonkatsu-kun, who loves small spaces, stayed in the bucket even after the other cats had left.

It must be his favorite place to sleep.

While that was surely something the cat lovers among you enjoyed, what we recommend even more is the next video:

What a spectacular view of cats eating snacks from under a glass table!

It is a blissful time for the cats, but it's also a happy time for those who watch this video.

The video had many comments such as: "How soothing," "This is the right way to use a glass table," and "This is a spectacular view."

Sometimes the cats get into a tussle.

It looked like two of the cats were warming up underneath a kotatsu but for some reason, they ended up like this:

What happened between these two?

In the end, the warmth of the kotatsu calmed their quarrel, and they were once again at peace.

But if you really love to see how cats are liquid, maybe this is more your thing:

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.